Saturday, November 24, 2012

Don't come home a drinkin'...

He'd done it again - come home with whiskey on his breath and smoochin' on his mind, but this time she'd had enough, so she hung him out to dry. His name is Lucky...but he's not!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Can I borrow a quarter?

It's Saturday and I have a date,
but don't have a 25 cents to pay for a bath.
The girl is purty,
but I'm a bit smelly,
so pardner, can ya lend me a quarter?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monkey Sighting at the Brass Armadillo

Mr. Lee and I spent an hour or so browsing through The Brass Armadillo, a large antique mall here in the Phoenix area.

About halfway through, I rounded the corner and spied this cute little guy. I stopped for a chat and found him quite a pleasant much so that I offered to adopt him and bring him home to live with the other monkeys at Sock Monkey Ranch.

Much to my surprise, he thanked my kindley, but refused my offer, stating that as the only sock monkey at the Brass Armadillo, he feels the responsibility of representing his kind there. I almost believed him until that strange little fellow behind him addressed him as Your Highness, Sir Monkedy-Monk.

I realized then that he had a good thing going at the antique store. He's convinced everyone that he's the King and I'm not gonna mess with that!