Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Monkey Brains and Guts

Got this adorable sock monkey mug for Christmas this year. I love it, but I hesitated awhile before I got up the nerve to make a cup of hot chocolate in it. There was just something disconcerting about drinking out of the top of a monkey's head. The marshmallows didn't help much because they sort of looked like monkey brains. Not that I've ever seen monkey brains, but they were all puffy, lumpy and floating around in brown goo, so you can see how I would make the connection, right?

I pushed past the swirling thoughts of monkey brains and took a tentative sip of hot chocolate. I was surprised...nay, amazed to discover that drinking hot chocolate out of a sock monkey head gives it a slight, but distinct banana flavor.

Then the image of floating marshmallows transformed from monkey brains to puffy polyester fiberfill, which is what I stuff my sock monkeys with. Suddenly the image of monkey brains mutated into monkey guts and I was dealing with a whole new dilemma.

Sigh - all I wanted was a sweet snack of cinnamon toast and hot chocolate!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Must have - Sock Monkey Umbrella

Never mind that I live in Phoenix, Arizona where we see rain maybe twice a year...I just have to have one of these adorable sock monkey umbrellas!

I found it over at The Neato Shop