Wednesday, August 12, 2009

America's Next Top Model?

Sock Monkey Ranch had some very special visitors today, but because of a confidentiality agreement, we are unable to give you names.  Let's just say someone who wasn't Tyra Banks...but looked a lot like her, and someone with a camera who wasn't Nigel Barker, but looked a lot like him stopped by for lemonade on the veranda.

We were all havin' a pleasant visit when the Nigel look-alike  started making this little square thing with his hands and looking at Miss Millie real funny.  Then he asked her if he could "shoot" her.

Well, Miss Millie, being the cowgirl that she is was ready to draw down on him in the middle of the street until he explained that he meant take her picture.

They had lots of fun with different poses, and Ms. Not Tyra Banks selected her favorite pictures from all Miss Millie's frames (that's photography/model talk). She said Miss Millie had "fierce eyes" in this picture.

 Miss Millie is not going to be signed by the top modeling agency in New York, nor will she win a photo layout in Cover Girl, but we're mighty proud of our Sock Monkey Ranch Top Model.