Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sock Monkey Ranch at the Library

Just finished our Sock Monkey Ranch display at the Peoria Public Library. We had lots of fun putting this together and the monkeys are so excited about being out in the public so that they can share a little sock monkey history, encourage more people to make sock monkeys and...if the truth be known, they intend to make faces at the kids as they go by!

Sock Monkey Ranch Display at the Peoria Public Library

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cletus at the Wild Western Festival

Cletus Dean Baker (AKA Tumbleweed) talked us into going out to the Wild Western Festival today. He fit right in and made lots of new friends!

Miss Stella Stevens and Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed and Jon Locke

Pappy and Tumbleweed Pappy is better known as Unkle Sherman on KPIG Radio out of California.

Cletus Dean and Dr Buck Montgomery clownin' around. Buck Montgomery was a Hollywood stuntman for 33 years.

Cletus hanging out with his new friends. The handsome fellow directly behind Cletus is Gabby and the dapper young man with the white beard is Sourdoh![/caption]

We had lots of fun, but that monkey wore me out!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We have a winner!

Karen Wittkop of Duluth, MN is the winner of this Sock Monkey Ranch Greeting Card with her great caption:

"Whaddya say we mosey on over to the saloon for a banana daiquiri?"

Copyright Jan Christiansen, 2008

Drop by Karen's adorable Etsy Shop and see her creative side.


Monkey Connection

We went to the Arizona Wildlife Zoo and I met this little fellow there.  One look in those gorgeous orange eyes and there was an instant connection.

Just look into those eyes!

I wanted to take him back to Sock Monkey Ranch in the worst way.  I'm sure he would have fit right in...except for the...uh...toilet issues.  I just don't have that problem with the sock monkeys.  Alas, the zookeeper refused to release him into my custody,  but I do have visiting rights!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another SMR Cowboy

Another cute cowboy was born at the ranch today:

This is Brody.  He loves horses, cows, wide open ranges.  His favorite thing to have for breakfast is flapjacks with peanut butter.  Brody also likes to camp out under the stars and wants to learn how to play the guitar so he can sing around the campfire.
Brody is already on his way to Oklahoma to be best friends with 9 month old Gaige.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Let them make cake!

My birthday was in August, but I was out of town.  When my grandsons, Ethan and David called to wish me a Happy Birthday, I told them I would love for them to make me a birthday cake when I got home...all by themselves.

Yesterday, they baked the cake while Grandma stood by with the camera.  Here's some pics (and yes, that is cake batter in Ethan's hair in the first picture).

The cake was great!  White cake with peanut butter frosting...yum, yum!

Thanks, boys.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Monkey Skins to Dye For

Had fun today dying "monkey skins"

Hand-dyed monkey skins just waiting to become sock monkeys!

One Good Annie Deserves Another

I ran into another sock monkey artist - Janet (she goes by Jan) from  in an Etsy.com chatroom.  After chatting a few minutes, I hopped on over to Jan's shop to do some browsing and fell in love with one of her monkeys.  Her name is Annie Oakley and she looked like she was just made for Sock Monkey Ranch.

I asked Jan if she would be up for a trade and after looking at my monkeys, she decided on guess who....my Little Annie!

Ok, so two sock monkey makers named Jan, both have Etsy shops and both picked a monkey named Annie....soooo Twilight Zone!

Jan's from England, so I shipped Annie across the pond today. I just know she will love England and I can't wait until Annie Oakley arrives at Sock Monkey Ranch!