Friday, July 5, 2013

Sock Monkey in a Banana Boat

Spotted this little guy while browsing through an antique shop today. Was just about to rescue him and take him home, when he let me know in no uncertain terms that he was perfectly happy floating through life in his Banana Boat.

Far be it from me to mess with that kind of bliss!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Miss Millie Loves Prairie Song - Wagon Train Fiction!

Miss Millie here - just had to let you all know about a great new book that's coming out in August.

Prairie Song
by my good friend, 

Mona Hodgson

It's a story of a plucky little gal names Anna Goben, who reminds me of me. She's a woman who sees a problem and sets to work solving it. Her family has been devastated by the death of Anna's brother during the war. Since then, Mother has...let's see, how shall I put this? It's a rather delicate problem and not really talked about in proper circles, but I'll give you a hint...whiskey. Shhhhh - it's a secret that Anna doesn't want to get out.

On top of that, Anna's usually vibrant grandfather has taken to his rocking chair and is acting really...well...old.

As any good sensible gal would do, Anna decides that a trip west on the Boone's Lick Company Wagon Train will solve her family's problems. (That's exactly what I would have suggested!) So, she packs them all up and heads for California for a new start.

Adventure, disaster and romance awaits Anna Goben on the trail.

Can I just tell you that I loved this book? Of course, it don't come out until August 6, 2013, but Mona let me read it ahead of time. (Did I mention that we're good friends?)

You can pre-order Prairie Song now or better still, win a free copy by entering Mona Hodgson's Prairie Song giveaway HERE.