Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seeing Double?

Folks around Sock Monkey Ranch have been seeing double lately.

Miss Mollie                              Miss Millie
I'd like you to meet Miss Mollie (on the left), Miss Millie's little sister. (That's Miss Millie on the right.)

They look so much alike that sometimes they're mistaken for twins. One big difference, however that Miss Mollie has a sweet tooth. Heck, she has a whole mouthful of them, which is why she's insisting on carrying a bag of sugar wherever she goes...weird, huh?

After a brief visit, Miss Mollie was off to live in San Jose, CA with Catherine, who promised to keep her sugar intake under control.

We'll miss that sweet little gal!


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and telling Miss Bella Rose Sock Monkey hello! She became our team's second mascot when SU! introduced our cute sock monkey stamp set...with accessories! I hope that you will stop by often and look at my online catalog for this set.

  2. Ah, you made it over to Sock Monkey Ranch! Miss Bella Rose is so adorable. I bet she brings your team lots of wins.

    I love the SU sock monkey stamp set - I have one and use it often.

    Glad you dropped in for a visit and hope you'll be back often.