Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A letter from The Duke

Miss Millie was so excited today when she received a letter from The Duke, who lives with Rascally Ray in Florida.

She just loves receiving news from sock monkeys that have left the Ranch to live out their dreams. All the other monkeys were eager to hear what The Duke is up to, so she read the letter out loud to them. 

Seems he's fittin' just fine, but there was a bit of confusion at first.  You see, Rascally Ray was a bit mixed up about why they're called SOCK monkeys.  He thought maybe they were stress relievers until his wife Ginny explained that socks are what they're made from, not what you do to them!



  1. Way cute!
    I'm glad the Duke is fittin' in just fine. I knew he could take a punch. I've seen it several times in the movies. Glad Ginny got things straightened out, though. Seems like the Duke will be much happier in his surroundings. Although, a good "sock" never seemed to be far from him in the movies.

  2. Heard this morning that Rascal Ray has gone through anger and stress management classes and that he and The Duke are gittin' along just fine now. It's only friendship and adventure from here on in...although, you're right...after seeing The Duke in fights in the movies, I wonder who will throw the next punch!