Monday, February 23, 2009

Clovis Dean Baker and Cletus Dean Baker

Cletus Dean Baker AKA Tumbleweed (on the right) has been hanging around Sock Monkey Ranch for quite some time, now, but his brother Clovis Dean Baker (on the left) just rolled into the ranch around dusk last night.

He and Cletus spent most of the evenin' sitting round the big old porch of the ranch house swappin' tall tales. I'm not sure which one of them tells the biggest golly-whoppers, but they sure kept the ranch hands in stitches and wonderin' which of the stories were true and which were pure hog-wash.

You can read about how they spent the evening entertaining the ranch hands here: READ MORE

I hear that Ma Baker had a third son...Clarence Dean Baker. (She gives all her boys her maiden name for a middle name...she was Etta Mae Dean before she married Pa Baker.)

I suppose it's only a matter of time before Clarence Dean shows up at the ranch!

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  1. Jan,
    Thanks for stopping by my blogspot. I LOVE your monkeys. I am proud to share the title of Monkey Lady with you.
    Love your blog and I will see you again soon.
    Your Friend,
    Angie aka Madam Zelda E