Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lenny Longtail Goes to the Zoo

My daughter invited me to go to the zoo with her family.  Of course, all of the sock monkeys on the ranch wanted to go, but there was only enough room in my backpack for one.

Lenny Longtail reminded me that of all the monkeys at Sock Monkey Ranch, he was the only one who had never gone out on an adventure.  I pointed out the fact that Lenny couldn't go because he is the only monkey on the ranch who isn't wearing clothes (because I haven't gotten around to making them) and he asked in a perfectly innocent voice, "Do the animals at the zoo wear clothes?"

Well, what could I say?  Lenny hopped in my backpack and away we went.

He had a wonderful time making new friends at the zoo, but after 5 hours of walking, he was one tired, but happy little monkey.

We had a wonderful, but exhausting time.


  1. I love the zoo adventure! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I enjoy reading about the monkeys' adventures. Of course, sometimes their stories vary a little. LOL
    Love ya,

  3. Thanks, for your nice comments, Alesha and Joy. I enjoy sharing the monkeys' adventures.

    Uh, Joy? Surely you're not suggesting that I'm making these stories up, are you??? (*grin)