Monday, October 13, 2008

3 Monkeys Born Today

Exciting happenings at the Ranch. We had a set of triplets born today! As you can see, they are fraternal, not identical. They have already started to exhibit their own personalities (especially the guy in the middle!). We have not yet named them. Hey! You want to help name them? Please feel free to make suggestions...leave a comment.

Help me name these monkeys. Leave a comment with your suggestions.


  1. HI
    They are adorable!!!!!!

    I think you should name them
    Dingo, Bingo, and Oscar (the grouch!)

  2. Yellow: Butter

    Blue: Aqua

    Gray: Smokey

  3. The one in the middle looks grumpy.. I would call him Grumpy gus, Call the other ones Happy and Go Lucky

  4. alex, clau, and annie

  5. Adorable! As soon as I set eyes on the middle guy, Moe came to mind... as in Larry, Curly and Moe.

  6. LOL - Yes Big Mo and this little guy have very similar dispositions! Love the tats and the chain on Big Mo. He's priceless!