Friday, October 17, 2008

Heather in the Bottle Brush Tree

A couple of weeks ago Heather left Sock Monkey Ranch for her new home in Australia. I always love it when the monkeys "write home". Here's a bit of Heather's note to us at the Ranch.

Dear Miss Millie and all the Ranch Staff,
I have settled in nicely to my new home. It's a beautiful 3 acre lot with many different types of trees that are native to Australia. My new family took me for a walk in the gardens today and I"ve decided that the Bottle Brush Tree is my very favorite.

I have not seen any Kangaroos or Wallabys yet, but when I'm indoors I like to sit in the window and keep a watch out for them.  I hope all is well at Sock Monkey Ranch and that Lucky and Dusty are learning how to get along.

Miss you all,
Morpeth, Australia

I would love to hear from other monkeys who have left the Ranch...please, write.

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