Monday, October 20, 2008

Sock Monkey Sisters

My good friend, Barb is going to Africa for 6 weeks to help out in the mission field, so we decided to get together for breakfast before she leaves.  Another good friend, Nancy, noticed that I had "lost my joy" and decided to show up with red hats and purple boas and take me to lunch.  We decided that three sounds almost like a party, so we all met at Cracker Barrel, along with a purple sock monkey in full Red Hat Ragalia.

Barb (left), Nancy (middle) and me (right) and our sock monkey friend.

We haven't named the monkey yet, but Barb is going to take her to Africa where the monkey will be given her Christian name.  I'll be posting pics that Barb takes in Africa and let you know our little friend's new name as soon as I know it.

I had so much fun this morning, I decided I'm tired of feeling blue....from now on, I'm going PURPLE!

1 comment:

  1. That's adorable:-) If you're looking for fun Red Hat stuff I know has a lot of things and good prices. Plus, they have lots of sales with even better prices.

    Keep having fun